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Teased, Denied and Satisfied

Are you into seeing a beautiful girl with an incredible body tied down, spreadeagled to a bed, and teased and denied over and over by an evil villain? This is a departure from our normal fare at Xtreme and we wanted to see if our fans would like it. There’s no wrestling, just a gorgeous Sadie Holmes, tied up and helpless too a bed, suffering the build up of orgasms, only to have them denied over and over. This was also done as an intimate shoot with only her on a close up shot of her body, tripod style. So it’s a very POV type private shoot. Starting in pretty lacey bright panties, Sadie doesn’t quite know where she is or what is happening. She gets the picture quickly though, as an evil villain proceeds to use his fingertips, vibrators, and ultimately a powerful hitachi to build her up to orgasm, then pulling away before she can cum. Sadie is the perfect victim for this type of torture. Her pussy is ultra sensitive and responds to the lightest of touches. At first she is defiant, not wanting this villain to use her. But the erotic torture becomes too too much as she begins to give in to the pleasure. What starts as an “I like it but I don’t like it” attitude, slowly turns to begging a pleading for release. You’ll marvel at what she goes through as fingertip teasing, fingering, mini vibrators, finger vibrator, and finally a hitachi are all used to bring poor Sadie to the edge over and over. She’s the perfect damsel in distress as her panties are taken off and her perfect pussy is on full display for the camera. Her facial expressions are priceless and VERY real. Over and over she’s denied an orgasm. The frustration sets in as two mini vibrators are used simultaneously, tingling her whole body with waves and waves of teasing pleasure. It’s like a concerto is played on her body by the evil conductor who just won’t let her have a MUCH needed orgasm. Finally, after almost a half hour of teasing, edging and denial, a hitachi is used on the now begging and pleading Sadie. She’s teased even more and right when she’s going to orgasm the hitachi is taken away and moved around her moist and wet pussy. More begging and pleading ensue and now she is taken to the brink, and over! Watch in awe as Sadie is allowed her orgasm as she cums and cums over and over. The build up leads to a hard and screaming orgasm that’s as real as it gets! Once again, this is a depatjure for us, but we haven’t seen too much of this genre out there. The scene is intimate, tripod style filming with Sadie and her beautiful body as the prime focus. You’ll watch in amazement as she is edged over and over, before finally cumming like crazy! Teasing, detail, defiance begging, pleading, and pleasing are all on hand here as Sadie Holmes is perfect in this setting. If you want to see this beautiful creature tortured this way, you won’t find a better one out there.


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