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HD – HD – HD and a Merry Christmas to all. Yes, at Xtreme we are trying out HD for the same price! You’ll delight in such detail, such beauty, such depth – all in stunning HIGH DEFINITION Ariel X and Serena Blair continue their EPIC matchup which was a long time in the making. No love lost between these two and you can see it in the intensity of the fighting AND the strap on sex! We start with Ariel choking Serena in the middle of the ring. Serena responds by kicking out and going to work on Ariel from behind. Ariel’s ass is a sight too see as her ass hole and pussy are licked fingered and pleasured. She tries to get out of it by pushing herself up. But this only adds gasoline to the fire as she backs right into Serena’s finger clamped deep in her pussy. Finally Ariel makes her move and traps Serena in a textbook came clutch. Arms pinned back she tugs on Serena’s ponytail for maximum leverage and causes the hot little brunette serious pain! Then one hand keeping Serena’s chin up and the other goes to the pussy. Fingering her deeply, Ariel now has her nemesis trapped. The groans of Serena are priceless. Part pleasure, part pain. Then a cradle and more fingering and rubbing as Ariel is doing a number on the petite grappler. A dildo is inserted into Serena’s moist pussy and the cruel Ariel pumps it then leaves it in her as she pins Serena down. Taunting and choking her foe, Ariel makes Serena beg and say who’s the boss. Serena resists and that means Ariel gets to have more fun with her prey. Forcing Serena’s hand down, Serena is forced to play with herself. You can tell she truly likes it, but doesn’t like it at the same time. Serena is the perfect damsel in distress! She picks up the frightened little girl places the championship belt on her (a belt Ariel makes sure Serena never wins) and ties her to ring ropes with her ass in the air. Then Ariel brings out the big guns and dons a strap on! Serena is fucked viciously from behind. She is then untied and made to ride the strap on on top of Ariel. Insults, trash talking, as only Ariel can do it, start. Now Serena is forced to suck the strap on and then fucked from pillar to post. Every which way but loose as Ariel adds rope bondage over Serena’s cries of mercy. But no mercy on this day. Ariel proceeds to teach the youngster a lesson. A lesson she won’t soon forget. Ariel X is the perfect villain who dishes it out. Serena Blair, the perfect victim who can really take it.. This is a rough wrestling and fucking match in the ring in crystal clear HIGH DEF. The camera close ups put you right there in the action. An amazing title with two of the roughest, and sexiest in the biz.


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