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COMPETITION and SEX – the food that fuels the U.S. of A and we are here to offer you a healthy serving of both. Cheyenne Jewell and Serena Blair are here for an ultimate sexual competition that you won’t want to miss. We start with an interview with both girls, then to a deep kissing contest where their tongues go deep and their wet lips search and probe. Now to this amazing fight, Serena is smaller but wow is this little package full of thunder, and this one is for real, they’re naked and rolling hard. The object is to force your opponent to orgasm and these sexy warriors are hot to force that ecstasy. We have never seen anything like this, it starts out slow but then takes off hard, rough sweaty girls trying desperately to ram their fingers in that wet pussy, deep they thrust those fingers, hard they rub their pussies and when one face-sits, the other uses her tongue to win. So many fabulous leg scissors as these holds are the best to control then force pleasure. The orgasms come hard and violent but what is really amazing is the force of this battle, these ladies are rolling so hard, exerting so much that this long match seems to fly by. Entwined gorgeous naked females, straining their bodies in all directions, long hair getting wet from their sweat – so real, so hard it almost hurts to watch. The loser has to go to the bedroom and please the winner as she desires, and she desires to have a tongue slide around then deep inside her hot pussy, multiple orgasms for the winner as she orders her foe to satisfy her. This one is for real – no play in these girls, real hard core wrestling and sex. COMPETITION and SEX – get it all, get it here, get it now !!!!!


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