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Serena Takes Sasha To Sex School

Let me just say this, THANK YOU Serena for bringing us Sasha Heart! We were wowed by the aggressive nature of her sex wrestling ability. So now we witness what happens when you let two best friends who LOVE each other (both personally and professionally) just go at it sexually in the bedroom. What an experience this is. I’ve said many times before, when you have two girls who click sexually, we love to just let them loose in the bedroom with no script. What we see in this title is Serena’s complete sexual domination of Sasha, and Sasha LOVED every minute of it. Throwing her all around the bed and all around the room, Serena aggressively gives Sasha one violent orgasm after another. Guys, these are REAL!! Fingering, licking, tribbing, toys, dildos, are all used to perfection as Serena knows every hot button of Sasha’s and makes her cum and cum and cum. When Sasha rolls her eyes back and screams her orgasms out, it’s truly a site to behold. After multiple orgasms, Serena then forces Sasha to please her, and please her she does. It seems Sasha also knows Serena’s hot buttons and makes her bestie cum over and over. For some humiliation, Serena takes a dildo and makes Sasha hold it in her mouth while she facesits and rides it like there’s no tomorrow! Then she takes it out of her mouth and forced her to suck and gag on it. WOW! Serena Blair and Sasha Heart! Two girlfriends who know what to do with each other.. Orgasms a plenty in this one, and sexual moves you have to see to believe. We love these girls, and you will too!


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