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The MILF Battle Of Them All

Get ready guys, especially you MILF and booty fans. It’s amazing to us that two of the most popular and hottest performers in the biz haven’t worked together before. We HAD to do something about this, so leave it to Xtreme to bring together mainstay Christina Carter and the ever so hot, Shay Fox, in a clash that has to be seen! It seems Shay was in Vegas a while back and had her eye on a wrestling / sex fighting promoter. She wanted to work for him and get “close”, but crafty Christina Carter kept getting in the way. This pissed Shay off to no end, so the grudge match of two titans in the biz was set. We open with Shay talking to him, then getting ready in sexy black lace and leopard print lingerie. Shay primps in the mirror and we see her killer body on display. She exits the room and Christina starts getting ready in dark lingerie panties and a grey lace bra. She primps and we are treated to beautiful shots of her amazing body and ass. Christina’s booty is in full view of a lot of this match, and what a booty it is! After Christina hears from her promoter that Shay is challenging her, she shows no fear and looks forward to kicking her ass and sexually molesting her. She hangs up and starts warming up and we are looking at more great shots of her body and ass. They meet up, put on sexy black mimi dresses, which are ripped off quickly in the fight, and trash talk each other for a bit. Seeing who the better woman is,. They push shove and tit bounce off each other’s tits for a bit, then the sex wrestling begins. Let me just say that this is an amazing match! Combining pro style moves with sexual tactics, both women compete in a best of three match. We all know Christina can fight, but so can Shay! Chokes, breast smothers, 69 with finger ing and pussy eating, scissors with pussy eating and fingering, tribbing, face sitting with oral and fingering, camel clutches, surfboards, ass slapping, It’s ALL here as each battler takes a fall. At one point Shay is standing with her foot on Christina’s throat, lifting her arm in the air, trying to choke her out!! Amazing!! But who will take the final fall? will Christina reign as champion? Or will Shay pull off the upset? Get this one and find out. Christina Carter and Shay Fox together for the first time!


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