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Mamma lock up the kids and hide the weapons because Ariel X and Sinn Sage are about to explode, that’s right explode because when these two bad babes collide there will be an explosion. Both these hotties are tough and so in love with hot, wild, rough sex. Is it fighting or is it sex, it’s both – yes they have sex as hard as they fight and you will see it up close and personal. Rip that special Sinn shirt off her, rip all the clothes off of both of them – now let’s get down to some orgasms, hold that beautiful naked body and ram those fingers deep into that wet pussy, then roll and roll till a tight scissors allows one fighter to force oral sex on her foe, over and over she drives her wet tongue along the lips of that vulnerable crotch, then deep into the pleasure crevice. Each is fighting to gain sexual dominance as they force their foe to the heights of ecstasy. Watch as these robust butts are slapped and humped, then back to more rolling till again one can secure a hold that allows her to force sexual dominance. Sex and wild fighting between two of the best, two battles that both love sex and both love to fight, this makes for one fabulous sex fight !!!!


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