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Everyone loved the first part when Sinn Sage went after Christie Stevens in the hot tub and the bathroom, she tied her to the toilet and went after her hard, well now Sinn takes her to the bedroom to enjoy the spoils of her victory. The beautiful blonde is thrown on the bed and here comes Sinn, first she rubs her pulsating pussy on the blonde’s hot ass, next it’s time for some super hot tribbing as each lady takes her turn on top, they rub their wet pussies together, over and over they wrap their staining thighs together, thrusting pelvic bones rub and slide as each lady goes for that cherished orgasm. Then some deep fingers find a home in in those hot wet centers, now Christie uses the dildo on Sinn. Then they both use their tongues to satisfy, they lick the juices and thrust the wet tongues in. Now sinn really takes over as she demands Christie service her with her tongue, then Sinn jams two fingers so deep that she has the blonde screaming, vibraters and dildos go deep – she wants Christie’s total submission and Christie does – it’s not enough, on comes the strap-on and in goes the big rubber penis, over and over she fills Christie’s wet pussy.. she can take no more but more she gets !!!!!


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