SINN SAGE & ERIKA J. – Part 2 of 2


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Two gorgeous young women are about to sweat for you, I mean bodies drenched with a sheen of glistening sweat; Sinn Sage and Erika Jordan come in with their attitudes and street clothes, they strip slowly out of their jeans, tight shirts and coats but keep the attitudes. Time to compare bodies as they show off their muscles and inspect the bodies of their foes. Nude and ready to go, for the first long contest they decide to wrestle but before that they lick and stroke each others bodies, time for the wrestling and they are soon both straining, here comes the sweat – it’s a very hot day in the valley, into the triple figures but the girls are going for it in spite of the heat. They grab each others breasts and pull, the pain forces them to the floor where they struggle valiantly to dominate and end up in a fabulous mutual choke. Then it’s up again with a sustained test of strength where the sweat droplets roll over straining muscles, to the floor again for some chokes, scissors and lots more slippery action. After the great wrestling come the wonderful tests of strength; arm wrestling in several positions, gut slugs that fling the sweat off their perfect bodies and so many more, and between each test they suck and stroke each other, their nipples get hard as their tongues take in the hot sweat and end up sucking hard on those pert nipples – you can guess where this is all going, that’s right the end is one super orgasm as one girl uses her whole bicep to stroke the others crotch. It’s almost like our sweaty maiden is riding the muscled arm of her foe to an orgasmic climax — and orgasm she does – so hard the sweat bounces from beautiful body to beautiful body. The first twenty minutes it’s wrestling, kissing and sucking and the last twenty it’s great contests and one super orgasmic ride !!!!!


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