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I think we all need a trip to Europe, you will definitely think so when you see this match. Sweet Cat is her name, twenty years old with the blondest of locks and the hardest of bodies – she is shy and this is her first time, so cute you could eat her with a spoon, and who’s to pop her wrestling cherry, that tan beauty; Sophie Lynx. The rules are simple, three rounds and the winner of each round gets to do as they please with the loser, oh how lucky the winner. They roll harder than expected but the young blonde loses and gorgeous Sophie has her way with her, off comes that top as she sucks on those pert protruding nipples. Round two has our little kitten all warmed up, she gets into this rolling right away – she wins the second and now it’s her turn to go after that fabulous brown body, off come all of Sophie’s clothes and out comes Cat’s tongue, from breast to crotch that liquid tongue travels offering great delight to sexy Sophie. Rond three finds them both naked and reveling in body to gorgeous body contact – they just can’t keep their hands off each other, Cat splits Sophie’s round butt checks and Sophie strokes the pussy cat in a place that truly makes her purr. Pack your bags and head for the airport, after watching these Euro beauties you will want to a direct flight to paradise !!!!!!!


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