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You want wrestling? You want aggressive sexual chemistry? This title has it all and then some. Resident bad girl Ariel X takes on the innocent blonde, Star 9. At first these two tear into each other with reckless abandon as one, then the other gain control. Once a warrior gains control with wrestling moves, she moves to sexually conquer her foe. Each girl turns her rival upside down in a matchbook where they can work over that tender middle, yes with legs splayed and suspended they go after those vulnerable pussies. Star is so sexy and such a tiger, we love her attitude and she does a great job, but we’re taking about Ariel X here! Soon the submissive, weaker blonde succumbs to the superior wrestling skills of Ariel. Once the tide turns, Ariel takes full advantage of Star by rubbing, fingering, triibbing, licking and kissing. The blonde victim embodies the perfect damsel in distress. You’ll love the fear and desperation in Star’s face as Ariel has her way. At one point, Ariel takes Star from behind and SLAMS her hips and pussy HARD into Star’s ass. Even Star seems surprised at the power and animalistic abandon of Ariel as she finishes Star off – yes, this is aggressive sexual chemistry !!!!!!!


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