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Contrasts, don’t you just love a good contrast, that’s what we have with Star 9 and Sinn Sage, Sinn with her curvaceous figure and bountiful butt and Star with rock hard slim body and sculptured petit ass. This is a Tiger match, the girls are in their tiger bikini’s that denote which gang they are in and these gangs are very competitive so we soon have a fierce cat fight and while these two my be a contrast in looks they are very similar in aggression. Star gets the first advantage as on the floor she pulls Sinn’s arm behind her back and while applying pain she strips her then mounts her to go after more pain but Ms. Sage has other ideas and turns the tables, soon she has the sleek one naked and goes after her pert breasts, pulling and gouging she destroys, now roll her over and as she holds her wrist behind her back she spanks that little ass till it reddens. They both go after the crotches as the pain is so close to pleasure, but just when it feels too good comes the pain, now both these ladies find some pleasure in pain so they know they have to take it a step further, and further it goes, using her beautiful butt as a weapon she covers Star’s pretty face looking to inflict pain and gain pleasure. Once Sinn is in control she does love to turn it on, and on and on she goes till she gets her revenge and revenge is best served with pain !!!!!


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