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Beauties in the Bedroom

OK -as much as I describe this one it wouldn’t come close to what actually occurred. Two goddesses, Christina Carter and Summer Brielle went at it toe to toe in the living room, wrestling, fucking, sucking, licking. It was truly a site to behold. That was our last release. So what did we do? We could’t get enough of these two so we put them in there bedroom and just let them go at it. No cuts, no script, just two superstars in the industry who found out they REALLY liked each other and BOY -.wait till you see them go to town. Christina throws Summer on the bed and begins with deep kissing. Then, grabbing Summer by her long beautiful blonde locks, Christina lays back and forces her to eat her luscious, already moist pussy. We get some great shots of Summers whole mouth over Christina’s pussy, sucking her clit and darting her talented tongue in and out. Christina returns the “favor’ by showing Summer why Christina is one of the best. Oral, fingering, ass play, rubbing, tribbing, you name it, Christina does it. But wait, there’s more in store for Summer. Christina puts on the strap on and it’s sex fucking city from there. First Summer sucks the cock to get it ready and soon she’s being fucked from behind doggie style as Christina pulls her hair. Summer’s wide eyed look is priceless as she looks back at the beautiful Christina Carter slamming her from behind. Missionary comes next and it’s all Christina taking full advantage of Summer. Christina LOVES girls and Summer is one hot piece of ass. Yep, it’s play time for Chriatina Carter as she puts the strap on on Summer and rides her cowgirl style to oblivion. More to see in this title as Christina puts a mouth dildo on Summer and sitting on her face, gets herself off over and over. Toe sucking, licking and teasing ensues as Summer worships Christina’s voluptuous body. Finally, after too many orgasms by each girl to count, Christina kicks Summer off the bed and the humiliated girl crawls away. We get a beautiful ass shot of Summer crawling out of the room to end this total sexual destruction of Summer Brielle. But guess what guys, she loved every minute of it. Christina Carter, Summer Brielle -one perfect sexual encounter between two of the hottest!


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