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Christina’s Summer Battle

A new girl arrives at Xtreme and WOW …. what a stunner. The amazing beautiful blond Summer Brielle, with the face of pure beauty and legs for days, steps up to challenge resident badass Christina Carter. We start with Christina in the bedroom talking to her sponsor. She’s naked on the bed and let me just say, Christina is looking particularly amazing. She slips into a tight tight latex mini dress which hugs her body perfectly. Moving to the living room we are treated to her warming up for a sex fight. Stripping down to nothing is a sensual site for the eyes! In comes Summer from outside in a tight silk robe with nothing underneath. They move back to the bedroom to lotion each other up and compare bodies, then back to the living room for the rumble to start. The shit talk starts as both girls are naked. I have to say, these girls have the bodies of goddesses! Tall, statuesque, long legs and beautiful tits and asses. The girls agree to a best of 3 fight. Summer doesn’t have the wrestling experience of Christina, but she more than makes up for it in sexuality. Can the sex fighter beat the wrestler? It’s definitely all here. Great wrestling action as Christina pulls out all the stops. She gets Summer in a figure 4 scissors, camel clutch, head scissors, sleepers, all the while throwing in fingering and face sitting, forcing Summer to eat her moist pussy. Don’t count Summer out just yet though. She counters with rubbing her incredible body all over Christina, face sitting her and screaming with pleasure as Christina eats her pussy. At one point she stands up, putting her foot on Christina’s throat while pulling her arm up and forcing a throat choke. Sexually is where this one shines though. Fingering, licking, face sitting, sucking, nipple play, it’s all here. Talk about passion, this one has it time 1000! This two have the bodies of goddesses and even though they are fighting it out, you can tell they are totally turned on by each other. Christina Carter and Summer Brielle, two gorgeous girls who have NEVER worked together….until now!! And we get 3 full falls of sexual battle.


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