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These Are Real

You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? This truth being real, hot, and explosive orgasms. Tara Morgan confided in us that she’s had a girl crush on Tanya Tate even BEFORE she got into the business. She’s been waiting and waiting to work with her, and, leave it to us at Xtreme Female Fighting to bring it to you! After a raging sex fight in the living room (see XFF-0106) the girls headed to the bedroom for a pure sexual romp. And while we may have reversed the order of action here guys, don’t let that stop you – the girls enjoyed every moment of it!! I don’t what to say except if your into REAL orgasms and are tired of watching the faked ones, get this title!! Coincidentally Tanya really took to Tara (can you blame her)? and the sparks just flew out of the bedroom. It’s all here, aggressive fingering, intense oral, deep kissing, and the tribbing!! This is a thing of beauty that will make your heart sing. You’ll watch this one more than once for sure. Witness Tanya doing a circular move with her hand, rubbing Tara’s pussy to orgasm. Tara can’t control herself and goes completely wild with ecstasy. When you see Tara’s beautiful blue eyes stare directly into Tanya’s while orgasm after orgasm consumes her, it’s a sight to see. Don’t think Tanya does get her share of orgasms in. there’s plenty of them. After all, Tara’s been waiting a lifetime to get to Tanya, so she takes advantage of it. Afterward both beauties thanked us profusely. We were very happy to oblige. This is one where two girls really connect and the cumming flows naturally….and flows and flows…..

Note: We mixed up the match numbers on this movie and XFF-0106. Not sure which part you have? If the girls are in the bedroom in the movie you already purchased, then you need the living room movie, XFF-0106! And as always, let us know if you’re not sure.


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