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A Long Standing Crush

OK guys this one has to be seen to be believed – action so hot we had to save it ’til after we showed you the bedroom follow-up (XFF-0102). Before the match, Tara confided in us that she’s had a longstanding girl crush on Tanya Tate even before she got into the business. These two have never worked together before so when we heard this, we knew we were in for something special. Sit back and feast your eyes on a sex fight that has it all. When you get two girls together who REALLY like each other, the chemistry, the intensity, the explosiveness that comes out of Tara and Tanya is amazing. Sizing each other up they begin to immediately deep kiss. Tara’s been waiting for this opportunity for a long long time so the kissing is passionate, DEEP and sexy as hell. But we don’t stop there. Tanya has a problem with new girls coming in and trying g to upstage her. Soon the kissing battle erupts into a fight. Tara is taken a little off guard (or maybe she wanted to be dominated by Tanya), whatever the case, both girls launch into each other with a sexual ferocity rarely seen. It looks like an impromptu orgasm challenge has begun as fingers find their way deep into moist pussies, tongues work their magic on the opposing girl Maybe Tara liked Tanya before, but now she knows she’s in for the fight of her life, so Tara steps it up. Tribbing, grinding, wrestling, 69, facesitting, are the order of the day as Tanya and Tara give as good as the get. For you tribbing fans out there I have to mention something. At one point the fight moves to the couch, where Tara and Tanya get into classic back and forth trib position. As the tribbing starts, both girl are so turned on that the heavy tribbing starts to move the couch across the room. We’ve personally never seen this before, but then again, we’ve never see the intensity that happens here. Orgasm after orgasm is on display and Tanya discovers there is a place in the wrestling world for Tara. At the end of this, the girls are so turned on by one another, they don’t want to stop – and we were so blown away we knew this one, the opener, was the real climax!!

Note: We mixed up the match numbers on this movie and XFF-0102. Not sure which part you have? If the girls are in the bedroom in the movie you already purchased, then you need this one! And as always, let us know if you’re not sure.


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