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The Eyes Have It

At first glance it seems a mismatch. Strong and solid, Mia Li going up against the slim blonde beauty Tara Morgan. But what we did get was a battle of wills between two determined grapplers. Mia is the new girl, waiting for our resident blonde killer, Tara. She looks nervous for some reason. Maybe because she’s used to competitive wrestling and this is going to be a sexfight, and ONE HELL of a sexfight. The two square off and begin deep deep kissing. You can tell Mia is getting turned on as Tara’s hands start to roam all over her body. Let me just say, if you’re into deep kissing, this is it!! The most sensual, aggressive deep kissing around. Soon the battle turns aggressive as Mia lifts, throws, fingers, licks, tribs, and basically gets Tara in all kinds of compromising positions. Tara cums over and over, but wait, this little hottie isn’t though and mounts an attack of her own. When you look at Tara’s eyes, burn deep into Mia’s, well, it’s just magic! The look in Tara’s eyes will get a rise out of anyone, and Mia is loving it as she starts to uncontrollably orgasm. You are going to love Mia, she is one gorgeous Asian with a fabulous body and the best attitude, she loves to fight and she so loves sex as you will soon find out – some of the best orgasms ever; like when Mia has Tara standing on one leg while she holds the other legs up so she can get to her wet pussy and finger her to the big O, you got to see this one. This is part 1 of the battle, the loser is slave to the other in the bedroom. So keep a look out!


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