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We have had so many requests to see the one and only Afrika giving it again to Tylene Buck like only she can, and you guessed it, she is determined to split the big blonde in half, but first she has to beat her up a bit then strip her clothes off. So much fun watching the blonde beauty trying in vain to get away from the big bruiser, and Afrika so enjoys destroying blondie. After a fun struggle Tylene is finally nude and beaten, but now the fun really starts as the strong one wants to show off Tylene’s sweet pussy in every possible position, not just show it off but stretch it, compress it, smash it, split it and in general cause more pain than the big blonde can endure. These positions are so varied and intricate, from squished match books to bow and arrows that almost break the bow. Under the ropes, between her legs, butt high and split – you name it she does it – poor Tylene whimpering and pleading but all in vain because once that big beautiful smile crosses Africa’s face there is trouble to be had and Tylene is getting the full extent. You wanted it, your got it – beautiful, sexy Tylene getting destroyed by the ultimate destroyer: Afrika !!!!!!


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