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Who can split a body better than Afrika, no one that’s who – and what better body to split than Tylene. Oh and does this body get split, not that Tylene doesn’t try to make a match out of it but well this is the one and only Afrika, one of the strongest ladies around, we’ve seen her bench press women over her head and Tylene is getting special treatment today, she users her power to expose Tylene, she gets it in her head that Tylene needs to be stripped and put on display for all to see, and all do see and they see all. Yes nothing is left for the imagination as the strong one splays our defenseless blonde in so many disparate ways: she uses her strong legs to spread Tylene’s crotch to the splitting point, then her strong arms as she sits on her tummy, now she has her on the ropes, then back to the canvas but always she works on Tylene’s exposed crotch. Over and over she destroys poor Tylene, even when Afrika picks her up, she spreads her wide for the world to see and then feel her pain. The weaker Tylene gets, the stronger gets our black warrior – how does she keep taking this – how much more can she take – how wide can she be split – nobody splits a body better then the great Afrika !!!!!!


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