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Another of those classic pussy popping matches where our beauties are splayed to their limits, again we are treated to that blonde bombshell, Tylene Buck and this time she is paired up with another classic beauty, Jewell Marceau. This is a multi fall match where each lady tries to make her foe pass out or surrender from the center splitting pain. Tylene is so happy when she strips Jewell then secures a match book and while sitting atop her she spreads Jewels ass cheeks and then giggles them to make them dance, yes, Tylene gets in her vagina splitting with multiple holds that have Jewell spread and displayed for all to see, even knocks her out so she lands in that oh so exposed way. But jewell is not to be out done, no, she is soon spreading the blonde as wide as is humanly possible, and we all know how Jewell so enjoys playing the destroying game, once in control she shows so many inventive ways of stretching and exposing blondies beautiful pussy; she uses her legs to split, her arms, she sits on her as she splits, puts the legs under the ropes, killer match books – you name it she tries it and all to have Tylene screaming with the pain that comes from using her pussy like the wish bone at Thanksgiving – pull push pull and see where it splits. Each naked warrior softens up her foe with gut slugs and holds, all to get to those pussy splitting positions of pain. But the end, where the legs are splayed and tied to the ropes is the best of all, such pain, and left like this, how humiliating – and what a view !!!!!


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