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It is said that Rodin, arguably the greatest sculptor of all, had a fixation on female genitalia and he sculpted some very expressive poses. This is another of the series Rodan would have loved as these ladies do everything possible to force their competitor into positions that expose their feminine divide. Every possible hold that splits Tylene Buck’s vagina is used by the voluptuous Kianna Dior and Tylene also gets in some tortuous ones of her own. We start out with Kianna tied up in the corner, a rope on each leg splits her apart, this is where she was left in another upcoming match, but once free she gets wild and the recipient of her rage is the beautiful blonde. Both are nude and wrestle to get splitting positions; sitting on each others legs, pulling the legs over the shoulders, splitting the legs with legs, and so many more that culminate with an oily end that looks a lot like the beginning. Yes, these two naked warriors put on quite a show as they vie for ways to torture each others most feminine area with stretching holds that almost split them in two – fun wrestling that exposes all!!!!!!!!


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