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Another leg splitting wrestling match with two of our sexiest blondes; Tylene Buck and Randy Moore. They start out in the sexiest sling shot bikinis you will ever see, those slight straps ride right up into their tender centers preparing them for what is to come. Yes, this is another match where we see how flexible these ladies are as so many holds stretch their legs apart, like the wish bone of the turkey they pull seeing if they can rip their foe in two making their wish come true. From the front and back they get stretched as we get great views of their most feminine areas, Rodin would be so proud of these unique poses as each lady takes her turn in control pulling and pushing hard at her gorgeous legs till they are split wider and wider, the pain mounts as each mounts her victim only to pull those gams wider and wider. It’s wrestling with a purpose, to see who can put on the most pain filled leg splitting holds and expose those tender juicy centers – two of the sexiest blondes in the business wrestling to full exposure !!!!


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