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Classic Beauties Collide

We’ve had several requests for the blonde, beautiful, sultry fan favorite Vega Vixen. Well, we’ve finally landed her and who better to put her against then our other super fan favorite, Christina Carter. This battle takes place entirely in the bedroom, and the girls make use of every square inch. If two hot as hell MILF’s having aggressive sex is your thing, then this one is the pinnacle of videos. Sex sex and more sex ensues as both vixens get orgasm after orgasm. Quickly it’s Christina who takes control and Vega is forced to, and takes pleasure in getting down with Christina. Dildos, strap ons, and toys are used to perfection. Christina uses Vega’s mouth, fingers and tongue to please her. Don’t worry the favor is returned and Vega gets her orgasms in for sure. As a final insult, or maybe to show the fans who the true amazon is, Christina take out a mouth dildo, ties it around Vega’s face, and proceeds to get herself off by sitting down on it. Just watch the dido penetrate Christina’s shaved, moist dripping pussy as she has a final orgasm right on Vega’s face. The humiliation is final and complete, as Vega crawls out of there room. Christina gives her a hard kick, right on the ass, to get her moving. To add to this unbelievable video, we are treated to a solo Christina Carter masturbation scene for a finale. I guess she needed just one more orgasm to make the job complete. Christina Carter, Vega Vixen, two veterans who know what to do with another girl.


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