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Vega Vixen is one hot Euro babe and she has decided to take Bob away from Christina Carter, what, nobody takes Bob from Christina, not without one hell of a fight and that’s exactly what we get when these two sexy beauties vie for their man. First they go naked in the living room, of course they leave the heels on as they want to show who has the best ass and nothing makes an ass stand up like heels, they go into all kinds of sexy poses to impress, then it’s off to the bedroom to dress for the fight. Both ladies are ready to show off their incredible asses, skin tight short dresses that show off their ample busts and butts, and all the time telling how they will destroy the other. To the living room we go, time to back up all that talk, they pull their dresses up to show off their super butts, then they rip those dresses off so they can fight an all out sexy fight and so sexy it is, each warrior gets control, so many extreme forced holds, splitting the legs, chokes, scissors and pins, all to destroy the other girl and make her give oral satisfaction, eat that wet pussy and enjoy it! The blonde gets bent over and multiple fingers inserted, slap that ass, sit on her and pull her legs up over her head, make her lick the juice from your pussy, roll her over and put that beautiful face into that dripping clit – each takes her turn and each enjoys the sex and the dominance – and the heels stay on. Vega Vixen is one hot blonde, but don’t mess around with Christina’s men – hot fight, hot women, hot hot sex – another extreme sex fight as only XTREME can do it – enjoy !!!!!


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