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That first episode paid tribute to two of the most sex driven women in the business, they aggressively go after their sex and we get to see who can take the most.  We pick up from the last session where Sinn Sage sits behind Serene Siren controlling the sultry blonde, she rubs her tits and twists her nipples, then to the pussy she goes – her fingers rub then enter driving poor Serene crazy and this is after over thirty minutes of extreme sexual positions… Serene is sexually overwhelmed and concedes.  So what happens now, well we have over 30 minutes more of fabulous sex as Sinn dog walks the blonde to the bedroom, that alone is worth it as we see that beautiful naked ass.  Now Sinn does what she does best, CONTROL, yes she sexually dominates Serene making her oil down her body.  This seems to wake Serene up as she rubs that bountiful butt she gets so excited she attacks Sinn’s pussy, first with oily hands then wet tongue as she drills through those fleshy ass cheeks, both women are soon swooning and this is only the beginning… Sinn dictates and Serene submits and both babes go to sex town.  Only sexual dynamos can go this long and this strong – so get ready because these two are LEGENDS and you gotta see it !!!!!!



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